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Our bar association will help you to get monetary compensation for disability, loss of ability to work, injuries in a traffic accident. We protect labor rights, will help with the registration of Israeli citizenship or personal status with the right to permanent residency, accompany the establishment of paternity through the courts and the examination of DNA, we formalize the inheritance.

We provide services of a lawyer to verify the existence in Israel debts and provide assistance in the settlement of debts or to write off the debt, to bankruptcy. For Israeli citizens living abroad and did not serve in the armed forces of the proceedings in the IDF for the status of the draft dodger and settle the status of the Office of the draft.

Lawyers in Israel will assist in the removal of seizure from a blocked bank account, the transfer of money from abroad. Our expert lawyers will prepare a legal opinion for the court and other state bodies of Russian law, when required by law (entry into the inheritance, divorce and other cases).

We guarantee maximum openness, informing the client at every stage and answering questions. Our Russian-speaking professionals will make the most of the opportunities, apply effective techniques and proven case law to achieve a win in the case.


Lawyer for personal injury claims

It does not need to be proven that all people sooner or later face a deterioration of their health. Often the harm to health is caused by the actions of third parties who caused the harm to health intentionally, negligently, or negligently and thereby caused the loss of capacity to work.

This could be medical negligence, battery, a traffic accident or work-related injury, and other instances. In each of these situations, the individual has to fight both for their health and recovery, as well as fight bureaucratic barriers such as the Bituach Leumi disability determination, insurance claims, and other legal complexities.

Theoretically, it is possible to solve everything yourself on the advice of a social networking group, but this path can be thorny, with a lot of irreparable mistakes. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an accident lawyer, for accidents at work to a lawyer of occupational injury and so on. Damage attorneys (nezikin) in our office will take on legal issues and achieve substantial compensation.

Labor law attorney in Israel

Labor disputes arise frequently. The employee, if labor rights are violated, needs the protection of a labor lawyer, a specialist in labor regulations. Labor lawyer in Israel knows the intricacies of the law and has the skills of a wage accountant, because at the heart of the claims against the employer and the claim is a competent calculation of the requirements.

An employment law attorney will provide a comprehensive explanation in cases of dismissal, non-payment or delay in payment of wages, pitsuim, insurance guarantees and pension contributions, as well as other compulsory payments. Legal advice on employment law is effective in recovering compensation for discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Russian-speaking attorney in Israel on labor issues of our office reliable defender of workers and employers. Employer will offer the best package of services, depending on the needs of the business. For convenience organized legal advice on labor law online, where a lawyer of labor issues will consult without charging a fee. You need only ask and a lawyer in Israel online will answer.

Bankruptcy attorney in Israel. debt forgiveness

The high cost of living and relatively low income generates debt obligations that are not fulfilled on time, which leads to the accrual of penalties and fines, increasing the debt. Then enforcement proceedings are opened, adding enforcement costs and attorney’s fees, as well as headaches in the form of seizure of a bank account, seizure of an employer’s salary, arrest of a car, seizure of a driver’s license, closing travel abroad and similar restrictions.

For people trapped in debt, the legislation provides options for debt forgiveness. A debt lawyer is well versed in debt forgiveness procedures in a short period of time. It is possible to get debt relief (tzav efter) in otsaa le poal. Or when there is a bankruptcy procedure for Israeli citizens (pshitat regel). Note that not every option is suitable for everyone and therefore, before you start, you should get advice from a debt lawyer.

Not only the protection of debtors, but also creditors prerogative of bankruptcy lawyers, as there are unscrupulous debtors, who took the property and not actually bankrupt, but use the mechanisms of debt forgiveness to avoid debts. In both cases, our bankruptcy lawyers in Israel will help to correctly conduct the established procedures, avoid mistakes and unreasonable expenses and eventually get the bank account seized.

Personal Status and Citizenship Lawyer in Israel

It is no secret that since the collapse of the Soviet Union and even earlier, thousands of descendants of Jews have streamed to the Promised Land, many of whom meet their “soulmates” in the countries of origin. A migration lawyer is needed to formalize a spouse’s personal status in order to successfully pass the step-by-step procedure of acquiring citizenship, “STUPRO”. Migration lawyer helps citizens – children of single elderly non-Jewish parent, to obtain personal status in Israel and make the registration of permanent residency in Israel.

Attorney for citizenship in Israel will protect the descendant of a Jew if the consulate denied a visa under the law of return. Or a person who converted to Judaism, but was not granted Israeli citizenship, despite the decision of the rabbinic court. An expert migration lawyer will help a descendant of an Israeli citizen born out of wedlock to prove a family connection through DNA testing through the family court.

Attorneys for Israeli citizenship and personal status, working in our law office acquired extensive practical experience, knowledge of the judicial practice of this category of cases, know the law and departmental instructions, so be sure that the procedure for obtaining Israeli citizenship or permanent residency will go as necessary to obtain the desired result.

Inheritance Lawyer

Many people determine the fate of their property through a will, which was drafted by an inheritance lawyer. It is better to make a will at a young age, because in old age it may be necessary to take powerful substances, or the ability to understand the meaning of their actions and to direct them will decrease.

If the will was made by a lawyer for probate cases, it will be fully consistent with the law. In this situation, inheritance disputes are unlikely. Legal advisors on inheritance will accompany the processes of inheritance according to the will or the inheritance according to the law up to the registration of the property. If necessary, inheritance lawyers will prepare a legal opinion on foreign law for the registrar
or the court.

If the inheritance is open here, but there is a property of the testator located abroad, inheritance lawyer will help to collect all necessary documents and submit them for entry into the inheritance
In the country where the property is located. Our inheritance lawyers will do all the necessary work, will help avoid mistakes and delays in the design of the property heirs.


Document preparation


Loyal pricing policy - through streamlined work and thoughtful steps based on practical experience - allows us to offer our clients attractive prices. There are no "inflated prices" in fees, and fees are charged for specific actions of the lawyer.
An extensive office network - multiple branches brings us closer to our customers, saves you time and effort, and is more suitable for our customers.
Strong customer service - it is important for us to hear and listen to our principals, to keep them informed of the progress of the case toward the result, to be in touch and to respond to possible questions, concerns and worries.
Individual approach - we strive to provide the best service and therefore meet the wishes, provide installment payment, convenient payment options. We widely use the possibility of remote video consultations and meetings at a convenient time.

79 words about the Israeli Bar Association

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Lawyers of the office have gained practical experience in the spheres of civil legal relations, which helps to correctly assess the legal situation and choose a favorable solution to the arisen problem or the shortest way to achieve the legal right of the principal and bring the case to a positive result with a professional approach.

We prioritize clients’ interests, minimize time and money expenditures by long-term planning and unification of legal actions without loss of quality results. When we accept a case for support, we immediately get involved in the work, informing the client about the intermediate results and answering questions.

20 years of work
700+ successfully completed cases
99% cases are closed in favor of the client

Israel Lawyers Q&A

  • Where do I start to solve the legal issues?

    Any law-abiding person has to deal with legal issues. Beginning with the registration of personal status in Israel and ending with questions of entry into the inheritance. It is advisable to start solving legal issues by getting legal advice, and in complicated cases, seek help from a lawyer's office.

  • How do I get the results I want in my situation?

    Many people do not follow the recommendations and take steps without being accompanied by Israeli lawyers. As a result, it is not uncommon for mistakes and missteps to reduce maneuvering and lead to the loss of legal rights or money. But a consultation with an Israeli lawyer can, in most cases, correct mistakes, rectify the situation and lead to the desired result.

  • How do I choose a lawyer?

    When choosing the best lawyer in Israel, the first thing you should pay attention to his specialization. The narrower the range of categories of cases of a particular specialist, the higher is his knowledge and experience in a particular area. No less significant factor - positive reviews on the Internet and the absence of negative opinions about the office.

  • Why does the bank block the money?

    States are fighting nonpayment of taxes and the laundering of illegal capital by passing strict laws allowing banks to block customer accounts for cash deposits and money transfers. Transactions of large amounts are deemed suspicious. And when the customer comes to withdraw the money, he finds out that the bank has blocked the account.

  • What to do if the bank has frozen money?

    In order to unblock the account and unfreeze the money, you need a bank certificate in the form of a bank, confirming the legality of receipt of money and the fact of paying taxes in the country where the property was sold. If you have sold property in Russia and made a money transfer here, we will be able to help you unblock the money, after we verify the legality of their sources. We will visit the bank branch together to promptly respond to possible additional requirements.

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